Musings of an Obsessed Jeweler and Former Mermaid

Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Than Bend, Hammer and Fire

I was fusing circles to put in a necklace or bracelet and my mind kept wandering as it has a habit of doing when I create. So, after I made the first circle, I shifted to a state of mind I refer to as autopilot. I wanted to make a few, because they take some time to do and it is nicer to work on them all together. Hammering on the copper and silver circle got me thinking about the universe and I saw it swirling, continuously, around and around like the connected circle I was working on . It made me feel very connected to the Universe and those around me in the beautiful moment. Funny how moments sneak up on you like that! So now fusing circles and hammering them is my favorite thing to do. Look for lots of cosmic circles coming in my jewelry.
With my jewelry there is almost ALWAYS a story about what inspired me or what I was thinking as it came into existence. I am so blessed to do something that I so truly love and have passion for even after 22 years. The process of bringing a new design is always more than just bend, hammer and fire- voila you have a piece of jewelry. There is a philosophy. Yes, I am the philosopher with a propensity for tools!