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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Wee World Domination one photo at a time

I just got a new camera.  I have been searching for THE perfect camera for me for the longest time.  Well, I do believe for right now I have found it.  It is a Nikon J3.  It is lightweight, interchangeable lenses, small, has a ton of fun tricks too. I know all of these manipulations are on lots of programs to use after you take the photo and download it on your computer, but this is instant gratification.  I can do it right there and see it!
 (I have issues with waiting)  One of the options is selective color.  The whole photo is in b & w except for 
whatever color you would like to showcase. I choose red on this one.
and blue for this one.
Just fun fun times!!
Yes I am easily amused. 

But my true obsession with my lovely adorable and darling camera is the Miniature Effect.  I am totally hooked on turning everything around me into miniature!  EVERYTHING!!!!!  It will be my wee world. and I will call it my wee world and I will love it and it will be MINE!

Friday, May 9, 2014

It's HERE! Bead Soup Reveal Day!!

I posted this at 12:30am East Coast Time but this lovely Blogger site keeps telling me I am in Pacific time.  LOL.  Oh this Timey Wimey stuff!
This is the 2nd Bead Soup I have done.  They are just a blast to do.
You can see what I did last year by just going back and looking at my blog.  
Just a reminder of what my amazing and talented partner, 
Shawn Price http://silkyshaven.blogspot.com sent my way

I just kept making things with these fun beads and made lots of jewelry!

I tried to use only what beads she sent me.  I did wind up using some of my own copper beads and of course my own wire.  
Here is the first piece I made~
~Ta Da, Le necklace~
I tried to keep the earthy, rustic tribal thing going throughout 
I started making this with the thought this would be a bracelet.  I made large jump rings out of 14 gauge copper, soldered, hammered then textured them.  I left a little of the silver solder showing because I just adore the mixed metal look plus it adds a bit of shimmer.  I then thought of connecting them with the cool coffee color ceramic round beads.  They needed a little something, so I wrapped copper wire into a circle then put the ceramic beads in the center of each. I filled in the rest with carved and inlaid beads in different cream and brown colors Shawn sent me. I really love the way this necklace just came together so seamlessly. It was a really enjoyable necklace to make.  I took the cloth that my soup was wrapped in and cut it up in small strips then made a 5 braided extension to hold the clasp. I liked the extra texture that provided to this necklace.  AND I really tried to use EVERYTHING she sent me.  I was so excited to use the zebra she sent but I didn't like the way it looked in this necklace.  I have it almost done in my studio.  She is adorned with rhinestones and hanging things and wears a crown.  lol.  Didn't get a chance to finish her.     
So, I decided to use the long shell beads with the brass beads with a carved bone bead on the top of it as my focal.  I made a tassel out of the string my soup was tied up with, but it didn't hang correctly.  I am obsessed with making tassels now so look for some with copper wrappings coming soon!
Here is another view of the necklace on my lovely model (my daughter).

A close up~

 I was frantically looking for a pin for my scarf a couple weeks ago and right then decided I was going to start making more scarf pins!  This is one I made for bead soup.  I will post more on my Etsy site because I just adore making them.  =)

Next thing was the earrings.  I wanted something tribal, just because.  I had these two matching beads and voila!  earrings!!

   I had a dream about this next earrings.  I just wanted something super simple and clean.  The mixed metal look is what I was going after.  

I think I will go back and make another pair in patina silver instead of the patina copper I used in the original.  Or I will patina the copper more.  I want a real black look to the long piece to really show off the brass cylinder and the bright sterling silver earwire. 
and last but not least, 
the bracelet.
I just used alot of the leftover beads.  I like the way it looks and my model insists I make her lots of them!
This bracelet can be made a tad larger and a tad smaller to help put it on your wrist.
I look forward to seeing what my partner has done with all her goodies!  
If you like any of these pieces I will be putting them up on my Etsy site for sale, except maybe the earrings. 
A big shout out to Lori who put this whole thing together!  Thanks so much!  you rock!! Feel better.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Here is the soup I sent my amazing partner.  Shawn Price received her soup and is hopefully stirring the pot!
Am in love with the moonstones!

Clasp and focal

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sent Soup

This is the soup I sent today to my partner Shawn Price
Here is what Shawn sent me.  Tribal feel!!
Come back on May 3rd to see what I made with the soup Shawn sends me. 

Friday, March 7, 2014