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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Wee World Domination one photo at a time

I just got a new camera.  I have been searching for THE perfect camera for me for the longest time.  Well, I do believe for right now I have found it.  It is a Nikon J3.  It is lightweight, interchangeable lenses, small, has a ton of fun tricks too. I know all of these manipulations are on lots of programs to use after you take the photo and download it on your computer, but this is instant gratification.  I can do it right there and see it!
 (I have issues with waiting)  One of the options is selective color.  The whole photo is in b & w except for 
whatever color you would like to showcase. I choose red on this one.
and blue for this one.
Just fun fun times!!
Yes I am easily amused. 

But my true obsession with my lovely adorable and darling camera is the Miniature Effect.  I am totally hooked on turning everything around me into miniature!  EVERYTHING!!!!!  It will be my wee world. and I will call it my wee world and I will love it and it will be MINE!

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