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Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Anniversary Jewelry

I just thought I would post this years anniversary jewelry I made our little family.  
Just a little back story......I met my man Marcus and we were married 3 weeks later. That is the extremely quick version.  We just celebrated our 5 year together in Feb. We love celebrations in our family, so we make a big stink about it!  We are so blessed to have come together as a family, I like to mark the moment each and every anniversary.  Last year I made the three of us, daughter husband and I, bracelets.  I made rings out of copper, put a glop of pure silver on the join and soldered the ring closed.  I did that for three of the rings.  I hammered them flat and engraved our names on the silver part.  I took the three rings and connected them all together using sterling silver rings that I soldered shut.  I tied 4 thin pieces of leather together, representing our four years together.  I hung some rock dangles off of the clasp, of course because it needs to have movement.  I love it and never take it off.  Neither does my husband.  Our daughter has probably lost hers!  lol.  She is not fond of jewelry and usually doesn't wear it.  Imagine that!  So very ironic being that her mother is an obsessive jeweler.  She must have thousands of things I make her because I just cannot stop!  any whoo........ here is the bracelet.............
  You can see my other two braided bracelet from year 2(silver) and 3(copper).  I did for both, 3 bunches of wire to represent the three of us and in each bunch is the representation of the year.  Year 1 actually broke because I wore it out and lesson learned, the metal was too thin.
So that brings us to this year.  =)
I made three intertwined copper rings because no one had any more room on their arms for bracelets.  =) 
Freshly soldered on my messy block!
I over exaggerated on the silver solder because I just love the silver and copper look, but later decided to take most off.
I hammered six lines on each of the rings to represent that we as a family are in going into our sixth year (5th anniversary).

As you can tell from this blog entry, I do love hidden meaning in jewelry.  Just little secrets that only you as the maker know and whoever you decide to tell.
Now, everyone reading this entry knows a little Pendragon secret!


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  1. Hi Sandra, I am trying to contact you about the bead soup, if you could email me at silkydove@gmail.com thanks!