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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do you do Smoothies?!?

I am on a smoothie obsession now!
I just came off the lemon juice fast and thought I would
try blending my veggies instead of juicing them. I was a avid juicer fan.
I was very put off by the idea of drinking a whole lot of veggies just blended
whole instead of juiced, but I was feeling adventurous one morning. It was also a little bit laziness too. I just cannot stand to clean the juicer! So messy. Ick!
So, I had a bag of frozen spinach, a frozen banana, frozen grapes and some ground flax seed. I put it all in my blender wondering if the motor could handle everything or would it start smoking. I added some OJ, held my breath and hit the button. It whirled and made lots of noise, but it did the job with flying colors! I was so proud of my old blender. And speaking of colors! wow, what an incredible green! I put my daughters in a dark color cup in case of complaints or "What the heck is this" comments. I guess she is used to my experiments on her(poor thing), because she drank it up without too much of peeping and finished with a loud "YUMMMM"! Husband sucked it up without a blink. It was cold, so smooth (hence the name Smoothie!) and wonderful!
I couldn't help but pat myself on the back for giving my family and myself
such a nutritious start. I seem to crave them now.
I can't wait to experiment with other fruits and veggies!
More to come....

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