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Monday, May 9, 2011

Rise of precious metal prices

How crazy is the rise and fall of silver and gold prices?!
Six months ago, I was paying $17. for an ounce of silver. Now I pay $45.!!
What fuels the rise? I don't know and I think not many people do.
I have tried not to increase my prices, but I had to just by a dollar or two on some pieces. I hope silver prices will come down, which would mean my prices will come down too. I am happy myself and my customers like the look of alternative metals, like copper and brass. I LOVE the look of mixed metals. Silver with copper and a touch of brass. Keeps costs down, but still looks ROCKIN! I try to keep up with
my customers likes, so if there is anything you can think up, but don't see on my site, let me know and I can try to bring your idea into reality.

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